"(...) Yet when night was come the dead again approached with lamentable mien and said: There is yet one matter we forgot to mention. Teach us about man.
Man is a gateway, through which from the outer world of gods, daemons, and souls ye pass into the inner world; out of the greater into the smaller world. Small and transitory is man. Already is he behind you, and once again ye find yourselves in endless space, in the smaller or innermost infinity. At immeasurable distance standeth one single Star in the zenith.This is the one god of this one man. This is his world, his pleroma, his divinity.In this world is man Abraxas, the creator and the destroyer of his own world.This Star is the god and the goal of man. (...)"

C.G. Jung Seven Sermons to the Dead

UV-Digital print on polycarbonate

100x66 cm


UV-Digital print on lead