The orange game

Rosarno - Italy,  2020

Performance, Documentation video, 01:56


The work has been realised during a field research about the connections between migrants exploitation and agricultural production. 


Rosarno is one of the South-Italian towns that have been chosen by the Italian Ministry for Internal Affairs for the dislocation of asylum seekers. A place where emergency has become daily routine. 

Piled up in tents with no running water nor electrical outlets, migrants are crushed between locals rejection and slavery work conditions dictated by those very locals. One can burn alive because of the poor living situation. One can get shot dead because of syndicalist activism. One is invisible. And it’s better so, if one wants to avoid irritating the wrong person and being punished during a night reprisal. 


One will get paid €1 for the collection of a full box of oranges.

Because harvesting food isn’t worth the labour cost. But lines of desperates can offer relief to a historically depressed region. Financial and moral relief. Ultimately Italy is a devout country, and isn’t helping the poor the core of Christ’s message? 


At least for as long as one doesn’t ask for more. 

Ingratitude can’t be tolerated.