We live in a world where there is a proliferation of signs and realities, constantly exposed to multiple, fragmented inputs, which are often contradicting each other.

All semantic fragments have been recognised as institutionally legitimate and equivalent, what brought to the dissolution of any symbolic and narrative net.

Yet human beings are Animalia symbolica and without a symbolic conjunction with the whole, may it also be oppositional, can hardly make sense of life.

The assumption from which my work moves is that reality is the outcome of a hermeneutic process, which highest purpose is the pursuit of symbols and narratives that can tell human being in a uni ed, yet complex and multi-faceted, story.

My research attempts to touch and explore the thin line between perception and interpretation, to re- search the daily practice of compromise between self and world as a process of understanding and self-understanding, making this practice, generally automated and unconscious, a tangible object.

In the eyes of many photography is synonymous of reality: photography gives back what the eyes see.
Yet the process of reading reality is a complex one, based on the selection of details out of a multitude and on their interpretation. This interpretation can be called subjective and it can really be so in a certain extent, when for instance the subject interpreted is close to the most personal experience. However, normally the interpretation, or in other words the reading we apply to reality, grows on social and cultural layers that lie deep inside our education of human beings as member of a structured social community.

My artistic research focusses on these sense-making processes trying to enter and reveal them. My practice attempts to make this process visible, making a tangible object out of it. Photography, with its reality charge offers a perfect metaphor of this weakness of the concept of reality, of this fracture that reveals itself only when one looks for it, one of the most hidden details.

As a layer of interpretation, photography is not an end in itself but an object that interacts with its surroundings within a given narrative.
This narrative is the final objective of my artistic practice.

Born in Naples, Diana Pacelli currently lives and works in Berlin, Funkhaus Nalepastraße.