Trenta denari
/thirty pieces of silver

Germany, Austria, Italy, 2021 - as of the 2nd of May

Durational performance

40 days

Through the realization of a performative walk, which will cover the 900km distance from the Buchenwald memorial to the Fossoli one, the work intends to address the neglected topic of denunciation during the Italian Social Republic (1943/1945) and thus contribute to the dialectic of the historical narration inquiring about the responsibility of memory.

The work is realised with

the kind support of: Fossoli Foundation/Museo Monumento al Deportato; Freundeskreis der Bauhaus Universität Weimar e.V., Stadt Dachau, Stadt Weimar, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar -Frauenförderfonds

the logistical support of: Stadtilm (DE); Hollfeld (DE) Steinach (DE); Hersbruck (DE); Kirchesittenbach (DE); Stammham (DE); Schnekenlohe (DE); Gößweinstein (DE); Kloster Plankstetten (DE); München (DE); Egling (DE); Dietramszell (DE); Achenkirch (AT); Schwaz (AT); Hall in Tirol (AT); Gemeinde Neumarkt/Comune di Egna (IT); Sterzing/Vipiteno (IT); Brixen/Bressanone (IT); Brentino Belluno (IT) - the list is being updated

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