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the cripple dharmachakra


Puri - India, 2018

760 quilted cotton pieces; bamboo structure

The small village of Raghurajpur, a few kilometres far from the holy city of Puri, Odisha State - IN, is two lines of streets departing from the main temple.

Giving the back to the access road, the temple is the first construction welcoming the foreigners and for such purpose hosts on its back wall the most relevant facts about the village. One gets to know about its characteristic arts and craft, about its artists families. And about the population, accurately divided between male and female: 427 men for 333 women.


The Dharmachakra, main attribute of Vishnu - god of preservation -, is a symbol persistently recurring in all sort of contexts. It conveys the idea that the world is governed by intrinsic balance.


The work has been presented during an itinerant exhibition through the streets of the sacred town of Puri. Irritated by some works, the local crowd has destroyed almost all pieces, included the ‘Cripple Dharmachackra’.

Cripple Dharmachakra, Puri
Cripple Dharmachakra, Puri
Cripple Dharmachakra, Puri
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