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Paduli - Italy, 2019 

Installation: Paduli (BN, Italy) Urban Planning, Paduli Forest Management Plan,  embossed paper, photos


Maps are instruments for controlling and managing territory. Back in ancient times, maps were used for planning supplies and military operations. Nowadays, Public Administrations produce all sorts of maps for analysis and intervening on the particularities of their regions. 

This work involves mapping subjective and personal experience within areas and categories that have been previously the object of studies by the Communal Administration of Paduli through the Urban Planning and the Forest Management Plan, through the steps of a shepherd who walks daily many kilometres herding sheep. 

With Roma origins, working in a difficult sector that for decades sustain itself thanks to State and European aids, not being holder of any plots of land, Luigi has no access to these fundings.

So, for herding his sheep, Luigi has to count on the discretion and kindness of those who, instead, have the right credentials to lease Communal fields or own any.

He walks among those pieces of land thanks to an accurate mental territory mapping, nonetheless faces he difficulties before the colourful lines of the PUC and PAF, indecipherable tools far from his daily life, in spite of the great influence they exert on it ruling the criteria for the assignment of communal fields and their designated use.

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