Rosarno - Italy/Weimar - Germany, 2020 - ongoing  

Schlauraffenland is that imaginary castle that we construct to hold and protect our fragile identity. Sometimes we call it nation, sometimes culture. 

Schlauraffenland is the dream of a better place where to live and settle that makes us pack our stuff and move to an uncertain abroad. Sometimes we are expats, sometimes we are migrants.

Sound installation

Prayer kneeler (wood, velvet); Orange jelly; Glass bell dome; Cake  stand; Ear-phones; Recording of women saying rosary in Rosarno (IT) 

Dimensions: 120x60x30cm


Rosarno, Italy - 2020

Series of seven photographs

00:00 / 02:14


Own reading of brothers’ Grimm tale ‘Schlauraffenland‘ original version

Duration: 2’14’’


Rosarno, Italy - 2020

Sound: no

Colour: yes

Duration: 1’56’’